Center for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy in childhood and adolescence, Berlin / Germany

Peter Dirscherl ist Facharzt und Kinderpsychologe
Peter Dirscherl, specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy

Diagnosis and treatment of children with multimodal psychological therapy programs by a highly qualified interprofessional team of child psychologists with medical specialists for child psychiatry as team-leaders.

When children and adolescents have difficulties in coping with their situation, they can be supported by scientific scales with the multimodal psychotherapeutic-psychiatric treatment to find their mental equilibrium.

The Berlin infant mental health center „Sozialpsychiatrie-Praxis“ is open for english speaking patients and families.

Specialized doctors for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry together with a interdisciplinary team of child psychology specialists have a broad range of treatment options available and various different treatment approaches can be pursued simultaneously.

In addition to conducting psychotherapy programs with the combination of individual therapy, group therapy, parent therapy and family therapy methods there can also be prescribed occupational therapy, speech therapy and medication.


Multimodal Children Therapy is a contemporary child psychologist manner, which combines various psychotherapeutic, functional therapeutic, and psychopharmacological treatment methods according to the latest scientific findings in order to provide patients with the widest possible range of therapeutic interventions available. By the simultaneous application of several therapeutic approaches

the interdisciplinary team under the guidance of a qualified specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy, treatment can be particularly efficient. Children and adolescents with mental disorders may be registered in the Socialpsychiatrie-Praxis for multimodal therapy. The Team of the center in Berlin is ready to apply to the current state of scientific knowledge of child therapy.


Peter Dirscherl issued the professional medical title and the medical specialisation in Germany and the is a member of the Medical Association (Ärztekammer Berlin), which acts as supervisory authority.

There is a medical admission to the accounting treatment of the insured all statutory health insurance in the physicians‘ association in Berlin (Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Berlin) .


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